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Booklice Control

Booklice Control

About Booklice

Booklice are common household pests but harmless to humans. Booklice do not bite, transmit disease, damage food or fabric, but they can be very annoying as they can quickly grow in numbers.


Booklice feed on mould caused by damp conditions. They are also fed on microscopic moulds that grow on damp cardboard, damp food or on the surfaces close to damp plaster inside buildings.


Booklice usually were found in cupboards, dark and humid storage rooms, inside books and magazine, behind or underneath kitchen appliances.



Public Photos / Files - bullet_point Ensure your place are thoroughly aired and dry; Dehumidifiers can help to reduce moisture levels in the air

Public Photos / Files - bullet_point Clean the cupboards regularly and ensure they are completed dry; Deter the moulds growth and their food source.

Public Photos / Files - bullet_point Throw away any infested food material and make sure other foods are kept dry.

Public Photos / Files - bullet_point Check for any leaking pipes in your place. Even minor leaks can create the perfect living environment for booklice

Public Photos / Files - bullet_point For heavy booklice infestation, it is recommended to contact professional pest management company.