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About Wasps

Wasps and hornets have similar hairless bodies. The major difference between wasp and hornet is size and color. Wasps are about 1/3 to 1 inch long. Hornets are larger. Wasps have black and yellow rings, while hornets have black and white rings.


Wasps and hornets can be hazardous. Stings can be dangerous to those allergic to their venom. Unlike bees, wasps and hornets will not die after they sting.


The areas surrounding houses provide a number of ideal homes for bees, wasps and hornets. Some of these areas include verandas, ceilings, attics, walls, trees and shrubs.

The insects will find holes and small burrows and set up nests, because holes and burrows are often near food sources (such as fallen fruit, flowers or nectar-producing plants)



Public Photos / Files - bullet_point Eliminate any food source

Public Photos / Files - bullet_point Seal holes on the exterior of your home

Public Photos / Files - bullet_point For heavy wasps infestation, it is recommended to contact professional pest management company.